Now intolerant Leftists claim “Little Mermaid” song promotes “toxic masculinity” and demands it stop being performed… is anything safe from liberal lunacy?

Feckless feminists have once again destroyed an innocent American pastime and tradition as part of their relentless, malicious, and hate-filled agenda to abolish all semblances of patriarchy (a.k.a. men in any positions of leadership) and so-called “toxic masculinity” from American society.

According to Princeton University student Noa Wollstein, who’s also employed by the school’s campus paper, The Daily Princetonian, a popular Disney song that’s been performed by Princeton’s all-male a cappella group, the Princeton Tigertones, for many years is no longer acceptable because it promotes men kissing women (gasp!), which Wollstein finds offensive.

In a lengthy op-ed she wrote for The Daily Princetonian, Wollstein condemned the Tigertones for performing the song in question, “Kiss The Girl,” which is from the Disney classic film The Little Mermaid. In Wollstein’s view, the song’s theme of a man pursuing a woman for a kiss – which is completely normal male behavior – is “misogynistic,” “offensive,” and “violating” against females.

“No matter how ‘great the tradition,’ this canonical Tigertones tune should be struck from their repertoire,” this “woke” feminist chided in her triggered rant. “The song launches a heteronormative attack on women’s right to oppose the romantic and sexual liberties taken by men, further inundating the listener with themes of toxic masculinity.”

What’s happened to American men that they no longer have the courage to stand up against toxic feminism?

Expressing her deranged opinions about this innocent song in her school’s newspaper wasn’t Wollstein’s ultimate goal, however. She ultimately succeeded in getting “Kiss The Girl” removed from the Tigertones’ annual performance lineup, proving once again that men in this country have lost their manhood, and are now completely beholden to the threats of loudmouthed females.

“Our group is always striving to impart joy and positivity through our music, and we take very seriously any indication that we fall short of this goal,” wrote Wesley Brown, president of the Princeton Tigertones, in a statement of total capitulation to Wollstein’s snowflake crusade against a longtime Princeton tradition.

“For that reason, we want to make sure that all audience members feel encouraged to reach out to the group and initiate a dialogue if they ever feel that any aspect of our show is upsetting or offensive. Our repertoire, traditions, and group as a whole are constantly evolving, and thus we value this opportunity to ensure a more comfortable performance environment moving forward.”

If there were any real men left on Princeton’s campus, they would likewise “initiate a dialogue” about how offended they are that one wretched feminist single-handedly took control of an all-male a cappella group and decided what songs that group is allowed to perform on Princeton’s campus.

This is toxic feminism in action, folks – the idea that anything with a “front hole” is automatically afforded a magic trump card to decide what other people, mostly men, are allowed to do or say in American society. This is also known as fascism, and it’s become the pinnacle of Leftist politics, especially in the era of President Donald Trump.

Is there anyone left in this country who’s willing to stand up against this continuous onslaught of anti-male misandry disguised as “equality” and “tolerance?” Where have all the men gone that this type of sexist tyranny has now gone mainstream, and how much worse do things have to get before a contingent of positive male energy finally stands up and says enough is enough?

This male energy clearly doesn’t exist within the ranks of the Princeton Tigertones, as its members have demonstrated that they’re fully on board with being completely emasculated by a brain-addled social justice warrior (SJW) with an axe to grind against men actually acting like men.

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