WHITE LUNACY on parade as woman refuses to see “Black Panther” movie for fear of “sucking the Black joy out of the theater”… HUH?

Have you ever read a story where you think, ‘Surely someone is making this up,’ but then you realize, ‘Wait…you can’t make this up!’

This is one of those stories.

In yet another incident that proves beyond any reasonable doubt that the political Left in America is becoming more insane by the day, a white woman recently sent out what The DailyWire’s Ben Shapiro rightly deemed “the single stupidest tweet in human history” regarding the just-released movie, “Black Panther.”

“On Monday, senior editor and ‘planetary evangelist’ for The Planetary Society Emily Lakdawall got herself into a Twitter mess over her suggestion that she skip the opening weekend of” the movie, Shapiro wrote.

Lakdawalla tweeted: “So I carefully did not buy #BlackPanther tickets for opening weekend because I did not want to be the white person sucking Black joy out of the theater. What’s the appropriate date for me to buy tickets? Is next weekend ok?”

Again…recall this is one of those “you can’t make this up” examples.

She later deleted the tweet after the Twitter sewer descended upon her — a fate that no one deserves, frankly — but she later tweeted:

It’s been kind of a challenging day where I’ve had to exercise the block button a lot but I’ve also had inspiring conversations with people who are committed to changing the world for the better and who gave me strength and confidence <3

Just. Wow. Where to start?

First of all, I agree with Shapiro in that Lakdawalla’s assumption that blacks even care whether she goes to the movie or not is pretty, well, arrogant. (Related: Left-wing professor denounces “whiteness” of farmers’ markets… yep, buying fresh food from local farmers is now a racist activity.)

But beyond that, I take offense with her assumption that there exists some goofy ‘etiquette’ for black-white interactions when it comes to the viewing of a film in which black stars dominate. I mean, did she take the same cultural precautions when it came to figuring out when it is ‘appropriate’ to see other black-dominated films?

And frankly, I would think that in an era when movie-going, in general, is way down — in no small part, to my mind, due to the crazy Left-wing politics of Hollywood — Black Panther’s producers would want everyone and their brother/sister to go see it regardless of their ethnicity.

Shapiro makes another good point as well, as regards to Lakdawalla’s self-segregation: Shouldn’t whites be encouraged to flock to the movie so “they can be challenged and changed?”

Liberals like Lakdawalla constantly harp about how “diversity” is a strength for our country…but is it? Or it is just a concept the Democratic Party likes to use — couched in identity politics —  to gin up support?

Because the more “diversity” I see in practice as I age, the less unity I see; diversity in and of itself is divisive, right? To be “diverse,” our society must contain a mix of ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs, and social mores, norms, and values — right? All of which serve not to unite us but to divide us if we’re not expecting our “diverse” population to coalesce around one flag, one anthem, one language, one history, one culture.

The result of our non-unifying “diversity?” We ask people who don’t have the same skin color as us if it’s okay to go see their movies.

I mean, if it’s gotten to the point where white people have to bow out of black-dominated social events out of fear that we’re somehow ‘encroaching’ on their ‘joy,’ we’re not truly ‘all in this together’ anymore, are we?

Which, of course, only coarsens our political discourse and divides us further.

And no, I didn’t make that up.

J.D. Heyes is also editor-in-chief of The National Sentinel.

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