California Conservatives go underground to conceal their political beliefs

Wednesday, February 08, 2017 by

The lunatic left is at it at again. California, a state that prides itself on diversity is happy to accept you if you are an atheist, gay, transgender, a Liberal, a Socialist, or a Democrat. Unfortunately, if you happen to be a Republican, a Conservative, or even worse, a Tump supporter your life may be in danger.

According to this CBS report, Bay area conservatives are scared for their lives. They have been reduced to meeting in secret locations and must lead double lives in fear that disclosing their political views will significantly diminish their safety and well-being in their community.

Robert Ward, a brave California Conservative has decided to come out and publicly share his beliefs even though he fears violent retribution will be taken against him. “Being a conservative in the Bay Area is like being a heretic, you lead a double life. You can never tell your friends and co-workers.” [RELATED: See more hidden news at

Ward went on to question Liberal ideologies that are often contradictory to their beliefs. “They seem to pride themselves on being diverse, and they are diverse about everything but their ideology,” says Ward. “I hope that in the future when people see Trump isn’t as scary as they think he is and a lot of the good things that happen and the prosperity comes back, and the jobs come back, everyone calms down a little bit.”

Being a Conservative in a Liberal state like California is risky business. Berkely just saw some of its worst riots in years as 150 masked anarchists smashed windows, started fires, beat Trump supporters and even sprayed a female in the face with mace forcing Milo Yiannopoulos to cancel his event at the Berkeley student center.

The civil unrest on the Berkeley campus resulted in $100,000 in damages, yet only one arrest.

According to the Daily Caller, the far left group ‘Refuse Fascism’ who is responsible for the Berkeley riots received a $50,000 donation from a group backed by George Soros. This should come as no surprise as Soros is responsible for a majority of the civil unrest across the world. [RELATED: Join free thinkers at

Who would have thought that “coming out” as conservative would make someone a target of so much violence and hate? The hypocrisy of the left and their constant preaching of the importance of free speech is laughable when they begin behaving like savages.

Robert should stand as an inspiration to all conservatives around the country, and we need to rally behind him and others like him. Liberals need to remember that the constitutional right of free speech is given to all, not just those who share their beliefs. Something else to remember, to quote Neal Boortz, “Free Speech is meant to protect unpopular speech, popular speech by definition needs no protection.”



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